- In 2016, the VENTI and the "Chinese green foundation" jointly sponsored the public welfare activities in the west.

- In September 2016, VENTI and the “China Charities Aid Foundation For Children” carry out the "Dream +" program with Echo Huang (Phoenix Satellite Television host), kayak World Cup champion, Ciga Long (international cutting-edge jewelry designer) and other celebrities together with action to call attention to preschool education and Practice of public donation activities.

- In May 2017, VENTI Brand Manager Michael Lam was invited to accept the 《BAZAAR JEWELRY》 interview, introduced the new model “VENTI International Contemporary Jewelry Boutique”.

- In June 2017, VENTI was invited to attend the Las Vegas the Couture International Jewelry Exchange in Las Vegas, USA, and to communicate closely with global jewelry designers.

- In June 6, 2017, VENTI participated in the "Paris Chinese Drama Night", won the “l'excellence des échanges culturels sino - français” by the Mairie de Paris approval and awards, VENTI Brand Manager Michael Lam won the " L'Ambassadeur des échanges culturels sino - français ".