Job specifications:
Conduct in-house training courses, including preliminary needs research, curriculum development, organizational training, assistance or independent teaching, and training effectiveness assessment reports;
Develop new sales words and new product training materials;
Assist superior to build and standardize training system;
Support or independent organization of corporate culture construction activities;
Operations and manage Internal training app.
Collage degree is required, HR or Psychology background is preferred;
Have strong writing skills, proficiency in the use of PPT and other office software, PS, H5 Basic operation;
Good presentation techniques;
People person, have well execution ability;
Fresh graduate may consider training;
Office Location: Shantou.
Job specifications:
Completion of trainee training, rotation training, familiar with the specific business processes and complete the sales target;
Independently respond and organize the implementation of designated special work;
Other Key projects assigned by company.
Bachelor degree or above, fresh or 1-2 years working experience;
Love the retail industry with excellent communication skills and teamwork ability;
Sense of responsibility, responsible for their own and the growth of the enterprise, the desire for success and the pursuit of excellence;
Strong ability of learning, introspection and adaptability, able to quickly transform knowledge and overcome challenges;
Office Location options: Shantou, Guangzhou, Wuhan, Hangzhou, Qingdao and so on.
Job specifications:
Lead the team to complete the sales task assigned from the area;
Responsible for safety management, maintenance and control of store goods, funds and fixtures;
Responsible for the implementation of the company's management system and operating procedures, responsible for implementing special store training, and to conduct guidance and supervision to enhance the sales skills and service level of jewelry Consultants;
Implement terminal image standard, responsible for the store image management;
Feedback customer suggestion and competitor information timely, maintain customer relationship, implement customer return visit system and member system.
Age: 20-32 years old;
High school degree or above, good character, excellent image;
At least 2 years experience in sales management, sales ability and leading ability;
Strong sense of teamwork and discipline;
Computer proficiency in Word/Excel , Outlook , PPT , etc;
The local account and height meet the requirements are preferred (male height of 170cm or above, female height of 160cm or above);
Work location: Guangzhou/Hangzhou/Wuhan/Zhengzhou/Wenzhou/Shaoxing/Wuhu/Kunshan.
Job specifications:
Sales driven and achieve targets;
Enhance customer service standards in store to ensure service is delivered at all times Sales;
Handover every shift, ensure item safety;
Ensure all Company policies and procedures are adhered to;
Timely feedback of customer suggestions and competitor information, make suggestions for improvement'
Display, clean and maintain the goods and service facilities as required.
Age: 18-25 years old;
High school or above, good character and decent appearance;
More than 1 years working experience in retail sales, strong communication skills;
Good sense of teamwork and discipline;
The local account and height meet the requirements are preferred (male height of 170cm or above, female height of 160cm or above);
Work location: Wuxi / Zhangjiagang / Changzhou / Jiangyin / Suzhou / Changshu / Yixing / Qingdao / Wuhu / Kunshan / Guangzhou / Hangzhou / Wuhan / Wenzhou / Shaoxing / Tongxiang / Jiaxing / Zhengzhou / XI ' an.